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Department Wise Student Satisfaction Survey Report

S.NoLecturer NameDepartment% of EvaluationRank
1Dr.Sr.Shiny K.P.PRINCIPAL99.75Excellent
2Dr. Sr. Amul Mary FrancisDept.of Computers100Excellent
3Ms.N.Vimala DeviDept. of English100Excellent
4Ms.G. Jyothi OliviaDept. of English99.84Excellent
5Ms.E.PranaviDept. of English99.42Excellent
6Sr. Mary SaradaDept. of English0 
7Dr.B.Mary KumariDept.of Telugu99.93Excellent
8Dr.D.VijayaLakshmiDept.of Telugu100Excellent
9Dr.S.Sarala DeviDept.of Telugu0 
10Ms. G. SailajaDept.of Sanskrit100Excellent
11Ms. Y. Sarah SusanDept.of Hindi99.74Excellent
12Dr. P. Mary PadmalathaDept. of Maths0 
13Dr.S.Uma MaheswariDept. of Maths94.52Excellent
14Ms.P.SushmaDept. of Maths99.84Excellent
15Ms.B.BharathiDept. of Maths100Excellent
16Ms. C. Mary AnithaDept. of Physics97.84Excellent
17Mr. P. Sateesh KumarDept. of Physics0 
18Ms.K.ArunodayaDept. of Physics99.29Excellent
19Dr.K.Nirmala JyothiDept. of Chemistry92.08Excellent
20Ms.V.SumalathaDept. of Chemistry92.32Excellent
21Ms.M.Shakeena KumariDept. of Chemistry0 
22Ms.Ch. AnujyaDept. of Chemistry100Excellent
23Ms. D. Srujana DeviDept. of Chemistry99.74Excellent
24Ms.M. ArunaDept. of Zoology99.62Excellent
25Dr.Ch.SarojiniDept. of Zoology99.55Excellent
26Dr. P.BujjammaDept. of Zoology99.67Excellent
27Ms.P.HemalathaDept. of Home Science98.75Excellent
28Ms.G.NaveenaDept. of Home Science95.97Excellent
29Dr.K.Aruna SujathaDept. of Phy.Edn.,87.03Very Good
30Ms.P.JannammaDept.of History96.49Excellent
31Ms.A.Shiji DeviDept.of Statistics90.65 
32Dr.M.MiriamDept. of Economics97.93Excellent
33Ms.Ch.VisranthammaDept.of Politics99.52Excellent
34Dr.M.SambasivuduDept. of Commerce99.25Excellent
35Dr. G. SudhakaraiahDept. of Commerce100Excellent
36Ms.M.VanajaDept. of Commerce100Excellent
37Ms. Durga BhavaniDept.of Computers100Excellent
38Ms. Sk. AfreenLibrary100Excellent
39Ms. Sk. KareemunnisaDept.of Computers0 
40Ms K YojithaDept.of Computers100Excellent