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Society of JMJ

The Society of Jesus Mary Joseph came to existence under the above title for the education of young girls. It started in India with the arrival of seven Dutch missionaries in Guntur, A.P., India on February 24, 1904. In 1962 the Indian province obtained autonomy. The formation of three autonomous provinces - Bangalore, Guntur and Hyderabad took place in July 1987. In 2009 a fourth province namely Raipur Province was erected in Chattisgarh. The Society has 1,238 members working in various countries of Netherlands, Indonesia, Africa, (Ghana) Rome, India and America (New Mexico). The Charism of the Society is "Ever Adaptable Apostolic Availability". According to the needs of the times and places, the Society takes up various apostolates and ministres. The members devote themselves to Medical, Educational, Pastoral and Social works.

110 years ago, the Society of JMJ that made a humble beginning with just seven Dutch sisters, has 100 communities all over the country, serving in 145 institutions of schools, colleges, technical training schools, hospitals, schools and colleges of nursing, health centres, social work centres for development of women and tribals, community colleges for school drop-outs, homes for the aged, handicapped, integrated school for the blind, lepers, HIV / AIDS counseling centres etc.

The JMJ Society in India is ever ready and open to the signs of the times to spread the kingdom of God which is a kingdom of peace, love and justice among our Indian people.

Founder Society of JMJ
Rev.Fr.Mathias Wolff

Our Vision

To educate, enrich and empower the young girls in academic excellence, spiritual growth and noble principles of life and service, to become integrated women leaders of home and society.

Our Mission

We endeavour through our Motto, “Love in Service” in realising the following:

* To transform the girls into women of Character and wisdom
* To modulate their thoughts into a world of service and order
* To remodel the minds of innocence with sparks of intellect and elegance
* To make them master the tenets of science and technology
* To empower their tender hearts to become the leaders of the new worlds
* To inculcate the spiritual order, needed to lead the Society.

1. Sr. Asuntha Singareddy 1963 - 64
2. Sr. Immaculate Thumma 1964 - 68
3. Sr. Annunciata Singareddy 1968 - 70
4. Sr. Rosina Antony 1970 - 75
5. Sr. Inviolata Gade 1975 - 80
6. Sr. Stella Maris Bellamkonda 1980 - 82
7. Sr. Virgo Gali 1982 - 85
8. Sr. Stella Maris Bellamkonda 1985 - 86
9. Sr. Thomasina Maliakal 1986 - 90
10. Sr. Chinnamma Kuluru 1990 - 94
11 Sr. Regina Chinnappan 1994 - 96
12. Sr. Theckla Gade 1996 - 97
13. Sr. Rojalu Pudota 1997 - 02
14. Sr. Anna Gertrude Narisetti 2002 - 03
15. Sr. Apollonia Reddimasi 2003 - 07
16. Dr. Sr. Mary Thomas Maliakal 2007 - 13
17. Sr. Stella Maris Bellamkonda 2013 -
1. Dr. K. Nirmala Devi, M.Sc., Ph.D 1997
2. Dr. B. Jyothi Swarupa Rani, M.A., Ph.D. 1998
3. Smt. K. Sailaja, M.Sc. 2013
4. Smt. C. Rajasree, M.Sc. 2014

Special Occasions

College Day is an occasion to recognize and reward academic accomplishments. Meritorious students who have excelled in academic, co-curricular and extra curricular activities are awarded prizes and certificates. It is also a forum for the students to showcase their creative and cultural talents on stage.