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The Internal quality assurance cell is established in 2004 August as a post accreditation strategy of NAAC. Since its establishment, several measures have been introduced for the enhancement of quality and the holistic development of the college.

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Extended Profile Templates
1.4.1 Action taken Report
1.4.2 feedback report on Institution
2.3.2 URL for LMS
3.1.1 Policy Document on Promotion of Research
3.5.1 Consultancy Minutes for URL
3.5.1 Policy on Consultancy for URL
Syllabus of all Programmes
3.4.5 Weblink of the research papers published in the journlas
3.4.6 E- Copy of first page of paper publications and books
3.4.7 Weblink of the citations of publications
3.4.8 Bibliometrics of the publications based on h -index
5.1.1 Scholarships Provided by the Government to the Students
7.1.15 Course content along with structure of programme on Human values and Professional ethics
7.1.16 Professional Code of JMJ College Prescribed by statutory body
5.1.3 Capability enhancement schemes
3.7.3 MOUS List
6.3.4 Teachers Orientation Programmes certificates
6.5.3 Quality initiatives by IQAC for Promoting Quality Broucher
6.5.4 Annual Reports of IQAC, AQARs and NIRF,AAA , ISO
7.1.1 Report of the Activities on gender equity promotion programmes
7.1.4 Green Audit
Aim :-

S.No Members Designation
1. Dr.Sr.Shiny K.P, Principal Chairperson
2. Dr.Sr.Theresamma Gade, Correspondent Member
3. Sr.Amul Mary, Vice Principal Member
4. Ms.K.Prameela, HoD, Botany Member
5. Dr.G.Saraswathi Devi, HoD, Physics Member
6. Ms.P.Hemalatha, HoD, Home Science Member
7. Ms.M.Aruna, IQAC Coordinator Member
8. Dr.G.Sudhakaraiah, Lecturer in Commerce Member
9. Dr.Ch.Sarojini, Controller of Examinations Member
10. Mr.K.Sambasiva Rao, Rtd.Principal, SVRM College, Nagaram External Member
11. Ms.B.Naga Thulasi, III B.Sc Student Representative

The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent, and catalytic improvement in all aspects of the college.

Composition of IQAC
S.No Members Designation
1. Dr. Sr.Shiny.K.P, Principal Chairperson
Administrative Officers
2. Ms. K. Mary Nirmala Administrative Officer
3. Ms. N. Ignatius Mary, Sr. Assistant Administrative Officer
4. Ms. P. Hemalatha Member
5. Ms. C. M.Anitha Member
6. Dr. S. Uma Maheswari Member
7. Dr. K. Nirmala Jyothi Member
8. Dr. B. Mary Kumari Member
9. Dr. N. Vimala Devi Member
10. Dr. R. Naga Jyothi Member
Management Representative
11. Dr. Sr. Theresamma Gade Correspondent
12. Sr. P. Aruna Rani Vice Principal
Nominees From Local Society, Students & Alumni
13. Mr. K. Sambasiva Rao, Rtd. Principal, SVRM College, Nagaram Local Nominee - External Member
14. Dr. T. Swarupa Rani, Principal, St.Joseph’s College of Education, Guntur Alumnae Nominee
15. Ms. Ch. Sirisha, III B.Com Comp., Student Representative
16. Ms. Sk. Rizmi III B.Sc CBZ Student Representative
Nominee From Industrialist
17. Dr. S. Siva Rama Krishna, Jivaka Ayurvedic & Allied Product, Tenali Industrialist
Coordinator Of IQAC
18. Ms. M. Aruna, lecturer in Zoology IQAC Coordinator


Minutes of IQAC Meetings